Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow in San Diego: The Iron Mountain Hike.

Normally it doesn't snow in San Diego. But here is proof that it does. Yesterday we got quite a rainstorm that left snow at the higher elevations in the county. Today, Beth and I climbed to the top of Iron Mountain, a few miles east of our home.  Although there wasn't much on the ground around us, it did snow at elevations from 1000 feet and above.  Warning: There are lots of panoramic-type shots of boring mountain things.

Looking up Iron Mountain from the trail.

Indian Head is the small mountain to the left. San Vincente Mountain is on the right. Snow-covered Cuyamaca Peak is in the background.

Looking west from Iron Mountain. The hiking trail runs perpendicular to Highway 67. There is Black Mountain in the background. That's San Diego and the Pacific Ocean on the horizon.

Looking east. That's Cuyamaca Peak in the background.

Proof there is snow in San Diego. Okay it's up about 1000 feet.

Looking toward Barona Indian Reservation with Cuyamaca Mountains in background.

Cuyamaca Peak

Head Head and Cuyamaca Peak. Note Iron Mt. crucifix in foreground.

Town of Ramona.

Woodson Mountain. Looking north from Iron Mountain.

Of course, I had to get into the picture.


  1. Nice pictures! I drove into Ramona today with my 3 year old daughter, wishing I could have hiked Woodson or Iron Mountains. The view was crystal clear as I've ever seen it.

    To clarify your captions, it appears that San Vincente Mountain is in the foreground and snow-covered Cuyamaca Peak is looming over everything in the pictures. It looked so close today!

    Cheers and hope to see you on the trail.

    Derek (100 Peaks)

  2. Derek, you are so correct! Cuyamaca Peak seemed close you could almost touch it. I have made the corrections to the captions, and added another picture showing Indian Head and San Vincente Mountain in the foreground. It seems very obvious now. -Wayne